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Am I a Normal Parent? answers questions such as:
  • “Is it normal to leave my three year old alone in the car for a couple of minutes?”
  • “Is it normal to feel that of all the households in the neighbourhood, ours could win the ‘mornings from hell’ award?”
  • “Is it normal to like one of my children more than the others?”
  • “Is it normal to feel like running away from home (if only for a night)?”
  • “Is it normal to sometimes regret having children?”
  • And many more

Am I a Normal Parent? features a foreword by Nanny Deb of Fox TV’s Nanny 911. The author’s expert opinion, as well as views and anecdotes from other experts and well known authors (such as Adele Faber, best selling author of several books including “How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen so Kids Will Talk”), and candid personal stories from parents, are woven throughout the book.

Some of the thought provoking chapters include:
  • Feeling Bad When You’re Mad (and Other Guilt- Ridden Emotions)
  • “I’ll Be There in a Minute” (and Other Lies We Tell Our Children)
  • The Electronic Umbilical Cord... keeping our children close
I would first like to state that I absolutely love your book Am I a Normal parent and have just finished reading it today. I'm a married mother of 2 children ages 7 and 9 and have been struggling for years asking myself over and over again am I a normal parent...

I just happened to be at the library and was skiming through parental books (which I do a lot of, and my hubby thinks I'm silly, guess men do hehe), and I came across this book and I just had to read it, glad I did =)

I would recommend it to anyone who have and have not struggled with asking them questions regarding their parenting style.

I was quite shock when I took the Am I a normal parent questionaire, I think to see the end results and the tally's of other parents out there and to know now that I'm not alone when it comes to questioning my parenting style and abilities ( I hope I said that right)

With so much sources of information out there at our grasp of parenting advice from friends, family, doctors, websites, magizines and other professional resources I find it very overwhelming what is normal and what isn't, I'm I doing this right or that right,I have have questioned my ability as a parent for years now and it's nice to know that I'm not all that different and I'm just doing the best I can, again thank you for writing and sharing this book with the world your an awesome woman Sara keep writing and I'll keep reading thank you again!!!
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- Jennifer in Scarborough, Ontario

I'm half way through "Am I a Normal Parent?". I LOVE IT! It came at a perfect time. As a new mom of a 1 1/2 year old, I'm always wondering if I'm normal. It feels good reading that I'm not alone.
- Lorraine, mom from Mississauga, Ontario

"Am I A Normal Parent?" is like therapy for the mind and soul. So many internal doubts we secretly keep to ourselves as parents - and as you've accurately identified, are too embarrassed to discuss with others - are addressed in these pages filled with wisdom, humour and insight.

You so accurately nail the anguish of wondering about the things we somehow assumed should come naturally to us: how much discipline is enough, or too little; coming to terms with the honest feelings of frustration that raising children - especially teenagers - can bring and much more.

The whole concept of what "normal" is, is so beautifully contemplated in this book, that by the time you finish reading it your words have been like hugs around every self doubt we've ever had in a parenting role. Thank you for this invaluable insight - may it be the first of many "Am I Normal" topics you offer!
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- Kim Galway from Richmond Hill, Ontario

As a mother who reads a lot of parenting books, I found "Am I A Normal Parent" to be incredibly helpful. What stood out for me was how Sara used survey information as a jumping off point for discussion. For example, I often feel judged as a parent. On page 100, there is an easy to read box that highlights that many people feel judged. (59% said yes, they feel other parents were judgmental)

It made me feel better! I am not alone. Sara gives concrete advice and suggestions that truly helped me with my 3 kids. I've recommended this book to several of my friends. And who doesn't like a quiz? I found out that I AM a normal parent!!
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- Karen Horsman, Broadcaster

Should be deeply comforting to anyone who has ever suffered the guilt and anxiety that is woven into the parenting experience. Sara Dimerman makes it clear that you're not alone as she shares the honest input of hundreds of parents, along with her own hard-won nuggets of wisdom.
- Adele Faber, co-author of How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Just finished reading "Am I a Normal Parent?" and wanted you to know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I think every parent should. Parenting although wonderful is most challenging - and your book just gave me great insight - reassuring to know that we all sometimes experience the same thoughts - even if negative and that it is okay!!!! Also your questionaire - are all the questions we are always pondering about - and so good to hear it from all different kinds of perspectives, and how best to deal and handle the situation. I got so much out of your book, and so just wanted to say thank you! (Read More)
- Hilah, mother of 5 and 2 year olds, living in South Africa

It's funny but I kind of thought I was beyond the parenting books because we're past the early years (my boys are 4, 7 & 9) but I wouldn't call "Am I a Normal Parent?" a parenting book. It's reassurance that you should trust your instincts and who you are and you'll find your way as a parent. We're all trying to keep up a facade in this generation. Your book is proof that we don't need to!
Very reassuring! Not preachy, yet thoughtful and insightful and, best of all, you have a sense of humour!
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- Danielle Harder, Freelance Writer and Broadcaster

I bought your book and finished it in only a few short days I think you did an amazing job! I really enjoyed everything about it. Even though I am not a parent I think there is content there for really everyone to relate to at some level. It is also obvious from reading your book that you such a proud parent and the incorporation of your children's lessons to you really made it such a wonderful read. I just thought you should know how enjoyable your book was I'm passing it on to my friend who is a mother of a 3 year old. I really think it is an excellent book, it's written in a way that is empowering. I found you gave parents the boost of confidence that they are capable when they feel unsure. (Read More)
- Liz U., University Student

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